The parking garage has a combination of single and tandem stalls. You may park in any space, including any tandem space that is not designated as RESERVED parking as indicated by hanging or wall-mounted signs.

Key Card

Are you a new tenant in the building? Lost key card? To gain unlimited access into the Playa District building and parking garage you must fill out a Key Card Form. Once you complete the form, you will be issued a key card by the property management team.

Parking Rules and Regulations

In an effort to encourage safe driving practices in our parking garage, we would like to kindly remind parkers to adhere to garage rules and regulations.

Please note the rules and regulations outlined below:

•  Maximum speed limit of 5MPH
•  Compact stalls are for compact cars only
•  Park within marked stalls
•  Head-In parking only
•  Observe all stop signs/signage
•  Visitor parking is designated and reserved for the use by visitors only. Tenant daily parking prohibited.
•  Handicapped stall usage is strictly monitored. Parking Enforcement routinely inspects for permits Compliance
•  No overnight parking or storage of vehicles is allowed. If a vehicle is to be left over 24 hours, please notify the parking office in writing. All unauthorized vehicles will be impounded at owner’s expense. SP Plus and Property Management does not assume responsibility.
•  All damage must be reported in writing to the parking office before leaving the facility.
•  No unauthorized outside service such as: mechanical repairs, tune-ups, oil changes, window tinting.
•  The monthly parking card supplied entitles the assigned card holder to occupy on (1) parking stall, the card must be used to enter and exit the parking garage at all times.

Your assistance in communicating this information to your employees is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Please feel free to contact the Parking Office at (310) 417-4623 with any questions or comments you have regarding this matter.